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Custom Home Design – Have you been sifting through magazines and design sites for floor plans and nothing seems to fit just right? Then you need a custom home design. Through ideas, imagery and sketches, Tracy’s Custom Homes walks clients through the design process, implementing layout, functionality and architectural detail to achieve the perfect floor plan. Our goal is to create a custom home that reflects our client’s vision and lifestyle. We listen to you and we understand that the house needs to fit your needs, not the other way around. New concepts are generated and presented in 3D, allowing our clients to experience their new home as they walk through the floor plan. We charge a flat rate per sqft under roof.  Our fee includes six (6) design revisions, which we feel is adequate to allow you to make multiple revisions and see different options.  Beyond the 6th revision, we charge an hourly fee.  Each home is uniquely designed with excellence.

Process (4-8 weeks)

1. Initial meeting ($1000 deposit due if you choose to continue after meeting)

2. Preliminary plans are presented (1-2 weeks after meeting)

3. Incorporate changes interactively online or in-office while the client watches (50% of total estimate due)

4. Follow up with any additional changes (as much time as the client needs; can be days to months)

5. We bill at the end of each month for the % of time spent on the project, but not to exceed the total fee unless the design is beyond the 6th revision.

6. Finalize floor plan & generate construction dwgs to include completed  electrical, rough-in, cabinets & final dimensions (1-2 weeks)

7. Generate construction dwgs with removal of preliminary stamps (remainder of bill due)

8. Print seven (7) sets of final construction dwgs

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Revisions to Existing Tracy’s Custom Home Plans

Browse beautifully designed house plans and floor plans to find your home today. We offer modification services for our existing plans to create the perfect design for you. Each of our homes have architectural elements as well as the most innovative floor plans and details that today’s homeowners want and expect. By choosing an existing home plan, you can save time and money to achieve the home of your dreams. The choices are endless. The above transformation used a majority of the original floor plan with a complete new exterior façade. The revision took 8 hours.

Process (2-4 weeks)

1. Find an existing plan

2. Meet to discuss changes

3. Review New dwgs

4. Finalize new dwgs

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Ready to give one of your Rooms a complete makeover or are you ready to add on that Game Room you always desired, but not sure how it is going to work with your existing roof? We can give advice on how to do it as well as show you what it will look like once complete, before you ever call a contractor. We will take measurements of your existing house, create an “As-Built” 3-D model while locating important plumbing fixtures and then generate a conceptual plan to show you what some of your options are for the remodel or new addition. You may decide to move forward with the project or you may decide to completely change directions based on how it looks or approximate costs associated with the project. In the end, you will have spent a minimum amount of money to see “What-If” without tearing into your sheetrock. (Limited availability for remodel designs within 15 miles of our offices.)

Process (3-6 weeks)

1. Initial Meeting ($250 deposit due if you choose to continue after meeting)

2. Complete measurements are taken of existing house where remodel is to take place

3. Generate “As-Built” drawings for existing house in current condition

4. Present Preliminary Remodel Plan (1-2 weeks) (Billing by the hour due)

5. Follow up with any additional changes

6. Generate Construction Dwgs (4-5 days)

7. Print seven (7) sets of final Construction Dwgs. (Remainder of Bill due)

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Assistance in Construction Questions and Building Science

Tracy’s Custom Homes provides additional consulting to homeowners and builders seeking assistance with construction questions and/or building science. We are here to help you throughout every phase of your new house, from design to move-in. Our experience offers extended industry knowledge, not only in the how and why, but the who as well. We participate in many continuing education classes as well as attend training seminars like the National Home Builders Show where hundreds of experts from around the country gather to provide the latest information on what works and doesn’t and give insight on the latest design trends. We are not stagnant in our learning, and we love to share our knowledge to help you make sound decisions when it comes to your new house.

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